Sungrow Power UK Ltd


Last summer Simon Williams, an ex RAF Engineer, joined Sungrow Power UK Ltd as their UK Service Manager. Sungrow is a world-class technology provider, specialising in PV inverters and energy storage equipment for residential, commercial, and utility-scale PV power plant systems, which are on a rapid growth plan in the UK

Simon was immediately given the task of finding a flexible storage and logistics solution in Buckinghamshire. This was to enable the business to support a dynamic grow in the UK that was planned for the next few months.

His Google searches gave him a realistic choice of two options, one of which was Sivatech Business Solutions in Aylesbury.

Upon visiting the two options it was the complete flexibility and appreciation of Sungrow’s needs that gave Sivatech the competitive edge and point of difference. Ian Watson, MD of Sivatech Business Solutions Ltd was able to demonstrate and show that he understood Sungrow’s needs which meant that the partnership was established between the two companiesSivatech_Sugrow.

Within days, Sivatech had received the first delivery of 10 large Inverters that needed to be stored, and then shipped to various installation sites following Sungrow’s instructions. Within weeks, the team at Sivatech proved their flexibility and handled an unexpected return of a faulty Inverter. Sivatech used their technical knowledge and quickly established the problem and gave valuable information back to the Sungrow office in Milton Keynes solution options.

It soon became clear to Simon that he had chosen the right partner. One afternoon Simon found himself onsite, a hand-over deadline, and needing some critical Health & Safety labels that his client had ordered incorrectly. He knew just what to do, he spoke to Majid, the Warehouse and Logistics Manager at Sivatech explained the problem, and Majid instantly said leave that with us, we’ll sort it for you! Next morning the right labels were delivered to Site, and Simon was able to complete the installation and handover to the client.

Sungrow are now in further discussions on how Sivatech can continue to develop their support by offering ‘after care service’ plus a logistics service to Ireland.

Simon said that it’s this “bend over backwards to help attitude that makes Sivatech so special and great to work with.” Sungrow has no administration team here in the UK, and therefore “it’s the fantastic support from Sivatech that has enabled Sungrow to develop in the UK: we couldn’t do without them.”