Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission
We strive to be the ideal resource providers, to enable local organisations to be built on the right logistical foundations and support their optimum performance with relevant and complementary services.

Our Vision
We aim to be the first provider in a 25-mile radius to provide relevant business services designed to help businesses establish solid foundations and to function optimally.

Our Values
In order to live and breathe our values, we commit to operate and behave in ways that are consistent with working in partnership with client organisations.

1)   Putting our Clients first

Our clients mean everything to us, and we will treat them with the importance they deserve. We are an ethical company.

2)   Being open and honest

Honesty generates strong relationships. We strive to always provide the best for our clients, partners and staff. In the unlikely event of something not going according to plan, we will inform you immediately and offer solutions to resolve the issue.

3)   Valuing Our Community

We value our local community and economy and want to ensure that we support the community with services and jobs. We are involved with young entrepreneurs via ‘Young Enterprise’ and we support rehabilitation by providing training at the local HM Prison Service. We have two chosen local charities which we support – the PACE Centre and Indirect Dyslexia Learning.

4)   Enjoyable Experience

We want to be your first choice for the services you need, so we are always looking to improve our service. Please tell us if you feel that we can do something more that will enhance your experience with us.

Sivatech are committed to Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Sivatech is a member of the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Registration Reference – Z2991036

Phone: 01296 717800.
Fax: 01296 717818.
Email: enquiries@sivatech.co.uk.