Marcar Steel – Warehousing Solution


An Improved Warehousing Solution That Held More In Store

When Andy Walton became the Project Manager at Marcar Steel and Engineering Ltd, he needed to relocate his warehousing to somewhere more local, with more appropriate facilities and better customer service. Sivatech were there to help.

Client Background

The Marcar Steel and Metal Company was established in 1948. Acting as exclusive agents for West German manufacturers, their initial activities were in the iron and steel sector, engineering products and railway materials. In 1954 mining equipment was added to their portfolio. In 1987, the stockholding and distribution division was established to complement and strengthen their traditional activities, enabling the group to supply a wider range of customers.

The Issue

Before July 2013, the warehousing solution for Marcar was ‘disastrous to say the least’. They had a shelving unit in a cold, damp, shared warehouse which was often used for storage of other companies’ stock.

Not only was the warehousing not suitable, neither was the quality and attention to detail from their pick and pack staff. Marcar’s products were not stock rotated meaning newer stock was being sent out to customers, leaving older stock sitting on the shelf getting rusty and unsaleable. This was costing Andy time and money to rectify, as well as wasting products.

When the previous Product Manager left Marcar and Andy filled this position, one of his first goals was to relocate the warehousing from the West Midlands closer to where he was based. Andy had heard about Sivatech from another supplier who highly recommended them.

When Andy went to meet with Ian Watson, Managing Director of Sivatech, and was shown the warehousing facilities, he could immediately see that Sivatech were the company to work with.

Sivatech’s warehouse was big, light and clean. Not only was the storage just what Andy needed, but he is also advised by phone if any of his stock from the old warehouse is not up to scratch. This gives Andy the opportunity to go and look at the damaged stock before dispatch to confirm if it needs to be scrapped or if he can refurbish the item. Again this saves Andy time not having to replace stock that might otherwise be sent in a bad condition, ensuring better customer service and satisfaction.

Sivatech Business Solutions’ solution!

“We were able to offer Marcar a cost effective local, safe, dry and dust free storage location for their products. In addition to that we provide a reliable daily pick and pack service for dispatch of their customers’ orders via various couriers depending upon the size and weight of the consignment. This comes with guaranteed next day mainland UK delivery providing the instructions are with us before 4.00pm.”

Melvyn Gibbons, Logistics & Warehouse Coordinator, Sivatech

The Result

Marcar now have their own warehousing at Sivatech, no longer needing to share it with other companies. Alongside this, the staff at Sivatech rotate stock and check deliveries before they are sent to customers.

Client Testimonial

“The storage environment at Sivatech is second to none, and since moving our stock there, I now no longer have to worry about damp and cold conditions damaging my products. That, alongside the friendly service makes it a choice well made.”

Andy Walton, Product Manager, Marcar Steel and Engineering Ltd