FAQ – Forklift Training

Forklift Training

Q. What’s the difference between a Counterbalance & Reach Truck?

A. With the Counterbalance forklift truck, the forks are at the front of the truck.

With the Reach forklift truck, the forks are at the side.

Q. Will one certificate cover an operator for all trucks?

A. No. Certification will only cover the operator for the forklift that they have undergone training for. For instance a counterbalance licence will not cover an operator for a reach truck.

Once a delegate has passed on one forklift, they are then able to convert over to another truck.

Q. Is there a written exam?

A. You will have to answer multiple choice questions & some of the questions will require bullet point answers.

Q. How many delegates can you have per course?

A. You can have a maximum of 3 delegates per course.

Q. How often do I need to do a refresher course?

A. It is recommended by RTITB/ITSSAR that certified forklift operators require a refresher every 3 years in accordance with HSE recommendations. The refresher courses are held over one day.

Q. Do you need a driving licence to drive a forklift truck?

A. No. A driving licence for a car is not needed unless forklifts are being driven on the road.

Q. Can training be completed at Sivatech or our company premises?

A. Training can be carried out at Sivatech’s dedicated training centre or on-site training can be arranged at your company’s premises.

Q. Will the certification cover our company for Health & Safety and Insurance purposes?

A. Yes. All Sivatech training Instructors and Examiners are fully accredited with ITSSAR (Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register). All training courses are to the National Standards.

Q. Is there an age requirement for forklift operators?

A. Yes there is. Operators must be over the age of 16.