FAQ – First Aid

First Aid

Q. How many First Aiders do I need?

A. See ‘First Aider Requirements’ document

Q. What’s the difference between the 1 Day and the 3 Day Course?

A. See ‘First Aid Course Comparison Table’ document

Q. How long does my certificate last?

A. Certificates for both the 1 Day and the 3 Day course last three years.

If you hold the 1 Day certificate you will need to attend another 1 day course after three years.

If you hold the 3 Day certificate you can attend the 2 Day Requalification course before your certificate expires.  If your certificate has already expired you will need to attend the full three day course.

N.B. The 2 Day First Aid at work requalification course is very intensive, covering all the modules from the initial three-day course but in less time and assumes prior knowledge. Your first aiders may benefit from the more comprehensive teaching and extra practice of the three-day First aid at work course for their requalification.

Q. Can you provide training at our premises?

A. Yes. If you have a group of employees who all need training at the same time we can come      to you.  All you’ll need to provide is a suitable training room.

Q. What other First Aid Training courses can Sivatech provide?

A. Paediatric First Aid First Aid at Work Recertification Life support/AED Training (Defibrillator)