FAQ – Driver CPC

Driver CPC

Q. Does the Driver CPC ever expire?

A. Yes. You will need to renew your Driver CPC every 5 years by completing a minimum of 35 hours approved training. The driver has flexibility as to how he / she takes the 35 hours training over, this time, providing it occurs in blocks of at least seven hours at one time. So, for example, a driver may complete all 35 hours in one year, or just one course of 7 hours a year, for 5 years.

Q. Are there any exemptions to the Diver CPC?

A. Drivers of the following vehicles will not be required to hold a Driver CPC:

  1. A vehicle with a maximum authorized speed not exceeding 45 km/h;
  2. A vehicle used by, or under the control of, the armed forces, a police force, a fire and rescue authority;
  3. A vehicle undergoing road tests for technical development, repair or maintenance purposes, or of new or rebuilt Vehicles which have not yet been put into service;
  4. A vehicle used in a state of emergency or assigned to a rescue mission;
  5. A vehicle used in the course of driving lessons for the purpose of enabling that person to obtain a driving licence or a CPC;
  6. A vehicle used for non-commercial carriage of passengers or goods for personal use;
  7. A vehicle carrying material or equipment to be used by that person in the course of his or her work, provided that driving that vehicle is not that person’s principal activity.

Q. Is it an offence for someone to drive without a CPC when they should have one?

A. Yes, there will be penalties if someone drives without a valid CPC. If you do not complete your training on time, you will no longer be able to drive your LGV or PCV. You may also be fined £1000. There will also be penalties for companies who cause or permit a driver to drive without CPC.

Q. What do I need to start Driver periodic CPC training?

A. You will need  a photocard licence. If you still have a paper licence you will need to apply for a photocard one.

Click here on how to apply.

Q. How do I check how many hours Driver CPC I have completed?

A. To find out how many hours of Periodic Training a driver has completed they should visit https://www.gov.uk/check-your-driver-cpc-periodic-training-hours