Slice Products – Warehousing Pick and Pack Solution

How Sivatech freed up time so Slice Products business could expand and saved them money by not having to employee warehousing staff.

Client Background

Slice Products is a Buckinghamshire-based company that was founded in 2012. The company is the UK arm of American Company Slice Inc. which designs and manufactures a range of award-winning cutting tools, for the home, office, school and industry.

The Issue

Previously Mike Dalton, Managing Director of Slice Products, was using a company close to Aylesbury for his warehousing. However this was just for rented space only, meaning Mike had carry out all warehousing duties himself. This tied up a lot of his time meaning he was not able to focus on other aspects of the business like sales and marketing.

Mike was aware that to be able to expand the business he needed to free up his time, yet it would not have been cost effective to employ a member of staff for warehousing, as items only needed picking, packing and shipping two to three times a week.

Mike heard Sivatech advertising on Mix 96 and thought they may be the answer to his problems, so he arranged to meet with Ian Watson, Managing Director of Sivatech.

Before choosing to work with Sivatech, Mike had also spoken with two other companies. Even though these companies were able to fulfil his requirements, he found that they were not very responsive. Being a small business, Mike was not sure if these other companies thought his business was too small to give him the quick response that he required, or if this was the customer service they gave in general, which was not of a high enough standard for Slice Products. However Sivatech were very responsive, meaning Mike got answers to all of his queries in a timely manner.

Sivatech Business Solutions’ solution!

Sivatech were able to offer Mike a competitive rate on Warehousing, Picking and Packing, Shipping, and were happy to use his company’s cloud-based order management software, allowing Mike to have daily access to his business from anywhere in the world. Thus enabling him to concentrate on sales and marketing without having to worry about shipping products.

In addition with Sivatech being based locally to Slice Products then he is able to pop on an pick up customer samples very easily.

Sivatech are able to ship anything from a single product to multiple pallets worth of stock which is important for any sized business, including Slice Productts

Client Testimonial

“Moving to Sivatech has freed up my time to focus on sales and marketing and means I don’t have to worry about being in the warehouse to ship orders.

Mike Dalton, Managing Director of Slice Products